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Dr Smith and the Wonderful Aisthetikos Team,

I'm eternally grateful to you for your extraordinary kindness, skills and care. You've made my situation so much easier by doing all you could to cure me and help me feel encouraged and hopeful.

You are amazing!!! XOX ____

Missy and Amanda,

How thoughtful! Thank you so much! I use your Beauty Potion ever night, and it does make a difference. Many of my students and colleagues as how I keep my skin looking so good. Even my dermatologist commented.

Hugs to you! Ms. L.


Dear Melissa,

Thank you for all your doings during my recovery. I will always have gratitude for it for the rest of my life.

Here is a little gift of readings for you. Read it, implement it, and enjoy your life for-ever.


Dear Dr. Melissa

You Are The Best Doc!

Thank you, Ms D.

Thank you for everything!!

Ms B.

(My heel looks great today!)

Dear Dr. Smith, I wish you a wonderful holiday season.

I look forward to continuing my care with you in the new year!

Ms A.

Dr Smith

I wanted to thank you for your help with my friend Doug back in March. I appreciated your daily follow-up with him. For me, seeing you each day was like seeing a little ray of sunshine on some dark, dark days.

You are beautiful both inside and outside.

Thank you, Melissa

Thank you for your exceptional bedside manner! I was very nervous at my first attempt to fight old age. You put me at ease with your charming personality and caring demeanor. The results speak for themselves.

Auntie Missy, thank you for fixing Dane’s head.

I want to thank you for making my dad’s surgery as stress less as possible, the way you wrapped yourself around him and gave him confidence in your abilities as a surgeon.

He really was so very nervous and you helped put him at ease, not an easy task with dad, worrying is what he does best! Thank you for keeping me informed, your professionalism and bead side manner are stellar.

Ms. R.

Thank you so much for the products you dropped by! My skin is clearing up so nicely. I feel so much better about my face, thanks to you. I very much appreciate you taking your time to help me.

Ms. S

I thank you for all you’ve done for me. I will NEVER FORGET you. Enclosed are DES cription forms for the company I told you about. Return them to me when you can.

I sang with the blues band at the public market; I stuck around until late today (Mon) because my uncle is doing a concert in Palm Springs Tues.

Ms. R.

I really appreciate the very detailed, and I’m sure time consuming report, to B.Y.

Ms. P.

Just a little thank you for the “awesome” face cream, I love it! It took that huge brown think above my eyebrow off! Wow! It’s still working on the age spot etc.. which is a “huge undertaking”.

Ms. M

Merry Christmas thank you for keeping watch and personal attention. I appreciate all you are doing to help me.

Mr. R

You made my dreams come true! Thank you so much!

Ms. D.

Please forgive me! I’m so sorry this check is so late in coming, my new year resolution was to get more organized. This is especially important now that I have to manage my husband’s office / practice. That whole endeavor is going to drive me to drink!

I love my BOTOX now my mom wants some. I’m looking forward to you working in the office with us.

Ms. D.

I am not a very good talker without crying so I thought. It would be better for me to say all this in a note. First of all, I have never met a doctor with so much kindness and I mean that with all respect to you as a doctor.

I quit my job of 30 years to get this care I have needed for years and all I have is great credit and 2 nice rings worth around 20 thousand that I would love to give you to hold as I am unable to get credit until I get all these surgeries done and get a job. Then I can get a loan and pay you in full and get my rings back. They are all I have left but to get my other eye fixed I would part with them. I know you do not know me from Adam and you only have my word. I am not one to beg, but as a single woman who has not dated since I got cancer… it would be so wonderful to have 2 beautiful eyes to go with my new chest. If you are unable to help me I understand. I had to at least ask. I would even work for you to pay you back. I’m a great worker.

Thank you for hearing me out and even if your unable to do my other eye… you rock as a doctor and a person and it’s been a great pleasure to have met you.

Ms. C.

Thank you for taking the time to write me. I loved the card you sent. It was really quite beautiful. I’m scheduled to have dye injected in my veins the morning of November 24th. Dr. Mary says we will then decide what to do next. I’m praying it will not be open heart surgery again.

I do know God has control of it all.

Ms. B.

I would like to express my appreciation for the wound care my wife, J., received from Dr. Melissa Smith and her team of wound Care nurses.

Dr. Smith was considerate of my wife's health condition. Her course of treatment put my wife and I at minimal stress. A factor in J. treatment is that she has been undergoing treatment for Alzheimer's disease for the past nine years. She is easily agitated and changes in her routine cause her significant stress.

Dr. Smith's approach required only bedside care- avoiding a trip to the OR, anesthesia, skin grafts or a colostomy bag. That was great relief. I will say in conclusion that the progress made in the wound healing process has been very encouraging. At this point, Dr. Smith has declared a complete healing for three of the four wounds; she is satisfied with the progress made by the fourth wound. I am thankful for Dr. Smith's attentive care. I was very pleased as well with the daily care, attitude, friendliness and competence of the wound care nurses that tended the J.'s wounds.

It speaks well of Kindred Hospital in Brea that it has such a fine staff of wound care providers.

Mr. R.

Dr. Melissa,
What can I say but, many thanks for your genuine care and concern. You are a beautiful person inside & out. Thanks for helping me & my outside.

Mrs. D.

To everyone at Aisthetikos -
Class, Class, Class
Keep up the awesome standard... What a wonderful experience.

Mrs. D.

Dr. Melissa,
What you do, cannot be expressed in words... You are the goods, and I know the goods... you make me feel beautiful about myself (well maybe in 3 weeks) but I am so glad you are.

Dear Dr. Smith,
What a difference it makes when one heart reaches out to another in kindness and support.
Thank you very much for all your help, I don't know what I would have done without you. What a relief in more ways than one to get my husband back in Humington Hospital, and it's only a few miles from home so I can choose myself. Again a big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With love,
Mrs. S. J.

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